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Happy Halloween 2008!

Thursday, October 30th, 2008


I should have known.

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

As most people who know me well, I’m a sucker for advertising and McDonald’s latest “add avocado and bacon” reeled me in. I’d never had a quarter pounder before (more a big mac, single/double/triple cheeseburger fan) but figured it could be worth trying with bacon and avocado. I just brought one home and opened it up expecting to see a nice thick layer of avocado like the ad …..


Strangely enough this wasnt the case, and this is what I actually ended up with …

quarter 01

quarter 02

Although I appeared have been stooged on the avocado, it was still pretty tasty, though I think its still kicking around in my guts at the moment, might be an interesting afternoon ….

It finally happened.

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008


Well, what a dissapointing way to start the day. I got up to take the garbage down and thought I might squeeze in an hour of GTAIV before work since I was out of bed so early. I was getting all settled as I turned on my xbox only to be greeted by the red ring of death. While not impressed, I wasn’t shocked. I’ve heard that many stories that I knew it was only a matter of time (though I was secretly hoping I had the only flawless box in existence). I suppose I’d been somewhat lucky (compared to others) as I’ve had it for just over two years (2 years, two weeks and a day) without any major problems, apart from occassional noises from the dvd drive followed by game freezes (nothing a restart doesn’t fix, though I loose any unsaved progress). I’m hoping my memeory of an extended 5 year warranty on 360 hardware failures is correct, guess I’ll find out when I ring EB this morning, wish me luck.

*EDIT* Turns out the extended warranty I bought through EB (in store swap for faulty consoles) expired 15 days ago, so it has to get sent to Microsoft (3 year warranty through them). I’ll give them a buzz now and organise it. Good thing is I’ll have more time to draw now *fingers crossed*.

*EDIT 2* Oh man, its been 11 hours and I’m already missing the option to fly down the streets of liberty city at 200km/hr in a stolen Turismo or Inferno. On the upside, I’ve churned out 3 pages of A4 I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. Keep it locked!