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Kidney stones mean hospital

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Its been a while since I’ve updated here, but I’ve got a pretty valid excuse for the last week or two. 12 days ago I visited the doc and was prescribed some antibiotics for what was thought to be a bladder infection, but this time 7 days ago I was in hospital after severe abdomen pain sent me to the Emergency room. After some scans, and thankfully pain killers, it turned out I had kidney stones (quite surprising as I’ve quit drinking alcohol months ago and thought I drank plenty of water). I had an op to remove as much of them as possible on Monday and have spent the rest of the week in bed, either in hospital or home. Things are improving now and with two more procedures scheduled for this week, I hope to be back to normal by Friday. I’ve been aching to get some art done, but haven’t been able to manage much time sitting up without getting sore (I still have whats called a “stent” in between my kidney n bladder to help drain out any remaining bits of the stones after they blasted them), or super tired.

Thankfully I’d downloaded an awesome app for my iphone called Autodesk SketchBook Mobile which I hadn’t really found much of an excuse to play with, until now. Now I’d planned on spending some time on a few pics before uploading my first 5 images to show what I’ve been able to create with it, but I’d only completed one pic before I ended up in hospital. I was feeling pretty bad for neglecting this blog so I figured I’d upload this pic now, and throw a few more up at a later stage. I whipped this up in about 2-3 hours (across 2 lethargic days in bed).

Hospital time

I’d seen some drawing apps on a mates iphone, but never thought I’d be able to access such a large amount of features that I’m used to in Photoshop, from my phone.  I will endeavor to do a more in depth tutorial of the app later on. For now though, I can say that I highly recommend the app if you’re an artist, and would love to see what you all come up with.

I also just noticed theres a flickr group here if you want to see what people are creating with it – Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile Flickr Group