So I figured my hand was a little boring …

Last weekend I was doing some sketching out on the balcony, enjoying an awesome spring day, thinking about making a time lapse video of me drawing one of my characters, from sketching the original concept through to colouring the final piece in Photoshop. I got thinking “hmmm, my hands look kinda boring, what could I do to make them more interesting?” So I headed into the kitchen and did this ….

Well, maybe thats not exactly how it went down. Instead I was turning over a croissant I had under the grill and banged my finger into the element! I was pretty freaked out at the time (the sound of searing flesh does that), but after a week of alternating between aloe vera and paw paw ointment, it looks like its healing up well. If it doesn’t make it back to the state it was originally in ….. well, ¬†chicks still dig scars don’t they?

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