Jasper - Pencil Drawings

Every now and then I get an amazing job offer and this was one of those. I was recently commissioned to draw up an awesome little French Bulldog called Jasper. The best part was the client wanted it drawn in my style. All too often I need to tweak and adjust (or completely change) my normal, fat, cartoony style to fit the job. I’m more than happy to do that as I feel it helps strengthen me as an artist and I tend to pick up little tricks that I can bring back to my more recognized style. However being told to draw in my own style was such a refreshing change and I really hope to get more work like this in the future.

This particular drawing was a gift for the client’s wife for their first wedding anniversary and the tradional one year gift is paper. This meant it was time to dust off my Derwents and create some art that could actually be held with your hands rather than viewed on a screen. I’ve been churning out so much digital work on the pc via my Wacom tablet for years now that I wasn’t sure how I’d go without the luxury of Ctrl+Z. Thankfully I managed. I was super happy with how they turned out and really enjoyed getting back to doing some non-digital art.

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