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Last night I whipped up a fairly tasty meal of oven roasted chicken stuffed with bocconcini (apparently thats how its meant to be spelt), mushrooms and bacon. Nothing too special but I thought I’d throw up a pic of it since I took one.

stuffed chicken

And since I’ve eaten pizza for sunday dinner (vespa), leftovers monday, alibi room pizza tue, leftovers wednesday, I figured I should make my own today. I’ve never found the perfect pizza base recipe, but the one I tried out today was pretty good, you can check it out here – pizza base recipe. The first one I made was topped with bocconcini, parmesan, bacon and seasoned mince and the edge was brushed with a garlic/chilli oil I made.

pizza 01

This second one was topped with bocconcini, pizza cheese, bacon and basil, and was drizzled with olive oil. I managed to get through both of these (the bases were nice n thin) but only just. I’ve got a few ideas for one I might try out tomorrow, I’ll let you know if it turns out to be amazing.

pizza 02


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  1. Doolwind says:

    That middle picture (first pizza) looks awesome! You should so become a chef!

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