Meat Pies with Mushy Peas

Ever since watching one of Jamie Oliver’s shows, I’ve struggled to eat pre-made meat pies, because you really don’t know whats in them. So I decided to spend a few hours (yes, it took over 3 hours) to make a few of my own. There was a heap of varying recipes on the net, so I took a few ideas from all of them, added some of my own and the final result was pretty good. I’d rather have more gravy in them next time, which I think I should be able to do with more stock and cornflour. In case anyone is interested, I thought I’d throw up the recipe (from what I can remember anyway, it was kinda made up as I went along.)

Meat Pie

Meat Pies – Ingredients:

500g mince
4 Rashers short cut bacon (finely diced)
5 mushrooms (sliced)
1 carrot (finely diced)
2 brown onions (finely diced)
2 tbs chopped parsley (finely chopped)
2 tbs tomato sauce
2 tbs barbeque sauce
1 cup beef stock
2 tbs cornflour
sheets of short crust pastry
sheets of puff pastry

Mushy Peas – Ingredients

2 cups green split peas
6 cups water
salt and pepper

Basically I browned the mince and bacon with some olive oil, put in a bowl. Browned the onion and carrot in some olive oil, added the mince and bacon back in. Then I added the beef stock (save a few spoons worth to mix with the cornflour), tomato sauce and bbq sauce and simmered for about 15minutes. I took the saved beef stock and mixed with the cornflour into a paste and stirred this through. After a while the mix thickened (if not, add some more cornflour, but mix it into a paste first, dont throw it in the pot as it’ll become too hard to dissolve). Once the mix thickened, I added the mushrooms and parsley, tipped into a bowl and placed into the fridge.

I then put the oven on to around 200, oiled some muffin tins and lined with discs of the short crust pastry. These were then blind-baked for around 15 minutes, but first, I used rice wrapped in alfoil to form little parcels, these were then put into the muffin tin on top of the pastry to stop it from swelling during baking (removed halfway through once it had started to harden). I then took the muffin tin out, spooned in the mixture from the fridge, added a little egg around the top of the short crust pastry and stuck the puff pastry on top. I brushed the puff pastry with egg, sprinkled on some salt n pepper, cut a few holes in the top, then baked for about 25 mins.

The mushy peas were made by washing the split peas, then soaking them for an hour or more. I then brought them to the boil, added some salt n pepper and reduced and simmerd for 30-45 minutes, stirring every few minutes to make sure they didn’t stick and burn. When the peas are as thick as you’d like, remove and spoon them into a bowl (I learnt if you leave them in the pot on the stove (even if turned off), they went too dry).

Hopefully that makes sense, its pretty simple once you start so good luck and let me know how you go!

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5 Responses to “Meat Pies with Mushy Peas”

  1. Doolwind says:

    Yum! Looks like they were worth 3 hours work! Will have to try them next time you make them up, almost as good as ribs at Blue Smoke ;) .

  2. Chirobliss says:

    Great recipe Shane. I’m an Aussie in Canada and I’ve just found where I can find marrowfat peas here, but they are a minimum$30 order. Your recipe for mushy peas from split peas is perfect.

    When I was a little kid (primary school), a pie man used to come to school and sell pies at lunch time from his truck. If I had some pocket money I would get a pie with peas. If I didn’t have money I would just ask for a handful of mushy peas. They weren’t very hot and he always obliged.

  3. Aaron Elliott says:

    Hi, your recipe looks very good, and I would like to try it. But I don’t know what “cornflower” is. I’m from the States and I assume we use a different word for it. Would you have any idea if it would be corn meal or corn starch. The first is dried up corn (maize?) kernels, and can be yellow or white, fairly grainy. Corn starch is always a very fine white powder, the starch from the corn, it has a very particular feel when rubbed between one’s fingers. I assume its going to be corn starch, because corn meal isn’t often used for thickening (here), but it could be a third thing all together. I hope you can help!



  4. shauno says:

    Hey Aaron,

    Thanks for checking out my recipe. Corn starch sounds like what our cornflour is, it certainly has a unique feel when rubbed between your fingers (just recently, its started giving me a similar feeling to when someone runs their nails down a black board, not fun!). I remember the pie tasted pretty good though next time around I’d try to make a thicker gravy for the meat, but I haven’t made a new batch since unfortunately. Let me know how you go, good luck!


  5. Debbie says:

    The meat pies look absolutely scrumptious. I am just learning to cook and enjoy trying new things. The things that are put in processed food is just disgusting. I am going to try your meat pies recipe tonight. However, the mushy peas just isn’t my thing. No offense.

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