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October/November update

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

I’ve been super busy since mid Ocotober getting a heap of art ready for a bunch of shows. I’ve not exhibited anything all year, but just managed to show at 4 exhibitions in as many weeks. The first one was held down on the Gold Coast at Sneak and Destroy‘s annual One Offs show, at Comb Gallery/Neverland Bar. It was in a pretty rad little space out the front of Neverland and there was a really great turn out. We only got down there for a short visit but it was great to catch up with a heap of mates and check out some impressive works, with all artists starting out with a blank pair of Vans.

The next week Red Bull and Laced organised the awesome “Mo Munny Mo Problems” show in the alley behind Laruche in the valley. The talent was amazing, such a great array of artists and heaps of crazy ideas. You can check out a heap of pics the boys from Project 4000 took here, and a sweet vid of the night is up on Vimeo.

Then the very next night we headed back down to the Goldie for The 360 Project‘s One x One x One show. ¬†Again there was a really impressive range of ideas on display across a bunch of skate decks. I also did some live drawing on the night with a couple mates, Josh KID9 Thorsen and Ryan RyRy Parsons.

I had heaps of fun painting my deck for the One x One x One show, so I was pretty stoked to be invited to paint another for the Board show which is currently on until the start of February at the National Gallery of Victoria. From the photos I’ve seen so far, it looks like another great show the girls from Just Another Agency have organised, and I’m keen to get down there and check it out. The decks are now all up for sale too, click the Board – NGV Studio section here.

And if that wasn’t enough hands on art for one month, I got commissioned to paint up one of Kid Robot’s Krackas. I’m really happy with how he turned out, hope he likes his new home. I’ll post up some pics of him soon (though theres a lil sneak preview of him if you go digging through my SQUIDTANK account on Instagram)!

Commissioned piece

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Heres a commissioned piece I finished a few days ago for a friend. He wanted the image to contain the following – grey, pink, tentacles, zombie, ‘ryry’ and ‘squidtank’. While it was fun to do, I need to get back to painting for my next show, and making some money. More paintings coming in the next few days, stay tuned!


Libertine Launch at Elsewhere

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Oops, since I forgot to do a daily drawing yesterday I figured I better at least get these photos of the Libertine Launch up. I was there to do some live painting along with RyRy ( ) and show off a few pieces of art as well. It was held down the Gold Coast at Elsewhere. It was a super fun getting fed drinks all night while we painted and thanks to everyone who came up and had a chat. I had an awesome time and hope to do something similar again soon.

Libertine Launch 01

Libertine Launch 02

Libertine Launch 03

Libertine Launch 04

Libertine Launch 05

Libertine Launch 06

Libertine Launch 07